Why choose FairSleep?

FAIR SLEEP was founded in 2011. After only 4 years we are proud to offer as many as 17 hotel / motel locations for brand cooperation. We are striving for further growth in the German-speaking countries.

As an owner of an Elk Motel/Hotel www.elkmotel.at you meet the  basic requirements of becoming a FairSleep copartner.

The advantages of an ELK motel/hotel

  • Professional advice regarding location, country, design
  • Turnkey, all from one source
  • Transparent planning, clear performance, short construction period
  • Fixed price guarantee, low investment and operating costs

The advantages within the FairSleep Brands Cooperation

  • Saveing costs by synergy - common purchase of hardware and software
  • Achieving more awareness and utilization - joint marketing
  • Being in a team: establish network, learn from the best - Benchmark
  • Competent assistance in business planning and financing