How do I become a FairSleep partner?

The first step

In the case of a non-binding initial and information meeting either at ELK in Schrems or in a FairSleep Motel, the following points are dealt with:

  • Capture your ideas and expectations - guide for preparation
  • Detailed information about the offers of ELK and FairSleep as well as sightseeing
  • Clarification of further steps and the provision of a conceptual position

Gerald Wurz, Sales Manager ELK-Motel, +43 664 4629818,

We support you in the decision

A CONCEPT PRICE starting from € 2.000, - (excluding VAT) includes:

  • Location / site consultation
  • Design consulting
  • Construction consulting
  • A floor plan with integrated visualization
  • A detailed service description including a price offer
    (For preliminary discussions with authorities, financing talks, etc.)

Gerald Wurz, Sales Manager ELK-Motel, +43 664 4629818,

We help you succeed

In the case of a BUSINESSPLAN CONSULTING by € 3,000, - the following points will be worked out together:

  • Business concept including marketing
  • financing options
  • Plan calculation with regard to profitability

Andreas Weber, FairSleep Kooperation Manager, +43 664 1313111, 

Together instead of alone

In the case of project realization, you can become a FairSleep COOPERATION PARTNER.

  • Use of FairSleep special conditions in purchasing
  • Joint marketing
  • Exchange of experience and further development