Budget Hotels & Motels in Austria and Germany

Fair Sleep - Hotels & Motels is a collaboration of cheap hotels & motels for guests who want to sleep well and continue touring the next day or stay for recreation. Our Hotels & Motels in Austria and Germany are particularly keen on offering the best accommodation at the lowest possible price.

We try hard to provide the best price-performance ratio and make things easy, clean and safe for our guests.

Benefits of a FairSleep-Cooperation

  • fair price-performance ratio
  • free Wi-Fi, free parking
  • effortless booking, rapid check-in
  • sophisticated, practical room amenities
  • clean and ecosensitive
  • convenient locations, easily accessible
  • Children under 6 years may sleep in their parents' bed for free!

Fairsleep Newsletter

Always stay up to date with the FairSleep newsletter. We will inform you at irregular intervals about perks, new hotel and motel openings and many other events from the world of Fair Sleep.